Nanako, a haven of authentic Japanese tradition nestled in the heart of the city, opened its doors on April 9th 2021 with a unique vision: to fuse the art of sushi and the magic of robata, the Japanese grill. The mastermind behind this culinary adventure is Ariel, a passionate chef whose journey into Japanese cuisine began long before Nanako came into existence.

Ariel always dreamt of having a robata-style barbecue, and when he finally acquired it, he realized it was the perfect tool to bring his culinary vision to life. In his own words, "I use it for everything: sushi, curry... I always dreamt of having a barbecue, and now that I have it, I'm getting the most out of it. I smoke almost everything on the robata; it produces little smoke and imparts great flavor."

His culinary journey took him from the intricate preparations of sushi to creating astonishing dishes at the clandestine speakeasy of Club Matador, an exclusive hideaway in the Salamanca neighborhood. He describes this place as "something like the private within the private," where his creations captivated a select group of connoisseurs of high-end Japanese cuisine.

With this rich history of experience and culinary passion, Ariel brought Nanako to life, a place that has become a sanctuary for Japanese cuisine enthusiasts in the city. At Nanako, each dish is crafted with a touch of mastery and a love for authenticity. From meticulously prepared sushi to robata dishes that capture the very essence of Japanese cuisine, every bite at Nanako is an experience that transports diners to Japan.

Over the years, Nanako has continued to evolve and refine its culinary offerings while keeping the essence of its beginnings: a passion for robata and sushi. Our restaurant takes pride in being a place where tradition meets innovation, where Ariel's story and his love for Japanese cuisine translate into every dish we serve.

At Nanako, our story is one of dedication, creativity, and a love for Japanese food. We invite you to join us on this culinary journey and discover the magic of robata and sushi, just as Ariel envisioned it from the start. Welcome to Nanako, where tradition blends with flavor!